Our Clients

The more than 500 clients that have been working with C.E. Consulting Empresarial since 1989, come from all types of legal structures (Public Limited and Private Limited Companies, Civil Companies, Property Communities, Associations and Foundations, Individual Businessmen…)

The business activity sectors of our clients are very diverse, since the professional experience and high training of our specialists allow us to provide integral consultancy services in all business sectors, regardless of their complexity. Merely for information purposes we shall mention:
  • Construction and Real State promotions (urban development projects, civil works, building restoration, developer groups…)
  • Industry (textile, metallurgic and mining, machinery, industrial installations, cement factory, doors manufacture and joinery industry, geological and oil installations…)
  • IT/Computer Science and Electronics (software, telephony, computer data base…) Publicity/Advertising (advertising and propaganda agencies, printer’s, graphic design…)
  • Hotels and Restaurants /Hotels and Catering (hotel groups, gastronomic catering…)
  • Food and Beverage (food distributors, alcoholic beverage suppliers…)
  • Health and Beauty (Perfumery and Cosmetics, Hairdresser’s network, Beautician Centres, dental and ophthalmology offices, pharmacies…)
  • Entertainment and culture (travel agencies, shows, teaching, cinema and entertainment multicomplex…)
  • Others (removals and transports, market studies, non-profit foundations and Associations…)
Both large companies and small and medium sized companies (PYMES) rely on the consultancy services provided by CE Consulting Empresarial and on its personalised, confidential and highly specialized treatment.

Integral consultancy is not limited to national companies; it also includes foreign companies that are added to the numerous customers who rely on CE Consulting Empresarial.
Fremap QDQ Ing Car Lease Fono Centro Fosters Hollywood Obratur Freedom Finance Gambrinus Galderma Montfrisa
Grumasa TAP Air Cruz Blanca 24-7 Real Media Método Rossano Ferretti Saglas Canon Comtosa Schlüter Systems Michel Merlet
Ibernacan arquitectos García Alba Hormiexa Represa Sinertec CG Cementos Hidalgo Esmalglass Itaca
Sandoz Miki Bexal Asociación Española de Fundaciones Progarca ING Cubana Fender  


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